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YAHOO is not a newbie in the email fraternity but has been thriving as the most reliable mail service provider since the last century. However, it is too not expected to be all perfect all the time. YAHOO crashing quite frequently is an early alarm that your YAHOO needs a quick treatment to help bring it back in gear.

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Before getting into the remedies, it is imperative to know what are the reasons that sit at the root of YAHOO collapsing.


If your YAHOO mail keeps crashing even after you've attempted the following workaround, 

  1. Erase app data and cache, and log in to your account again. This step may lead to a loss of data on your part, and some of your customized settings will
  2. Go back to default, but, more often than not, it'll cure the issue, and you can go back to using your YAHOO mail program without any difficulties. 
  3. Uninstall and Reinstall the YAHOO Mail App. Sometimes, all it takes to repair the issue if your YAHOO mail app keeps crashing is to delete and reinstall the software. This can be done within a few seconds and normally will not result in a loss of data for you. 
  4. YAHOO won't load can possibly occur because of the fact that no recent updates have been made. The Server-side modifications might have a significant influence on later updates.
  5. Often some pre-installed programs come in conflict with each other culminating in the problem "YAHOO won't load" Check to see whether other programs or websites are functioning properly. 
  6. Often it can be a faulty web browser that is keeping YAHOO away from functioning well. It is recommended to optimize the browser.
  7. YAHOO crashing can occur out of a poor insurable network connection. Check for a good, more stable connection to fix these issues.
  8. Last but not least, it can be a virus malware or any cyberattack on the system, disabling the normal functioning of YAHOO.

Most of the time, these issues result in "YAHOO won't load which effectively halts all activity. YAHOO's inability to receive emails is usually the result of a technical fault or a human error. However, the process of regaining access to your YAHOO account may be completed in a matter of minutes with some quick fixes. Then you can choose to make yahoo home page.

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