How to install HP Printer Assistant?

2020-01-13 04:29:31 -0500

Are you coming across some issues while installing the HP Printer Assistant on your Windows 10 OS? The following steps will make things easier for you. HP Printer Assistant is a utility tool that works quite uniquely as compared to conventional printer software. Currently, this tool is available for the windows and Mac-based machine and it can be easily installed after downloading the installation package from the HP website. Here’s how to conduct a seamless installation of HP Printer assistance on the Windows 10 system.

  1. Push the power button of the HP Printer and waits until all the LEDs start blinking up.
  2. At the back of the printer, you will find an attached USB cable. Hold it and pull it out carefully.
  3. Leave your machine as it is and open the web browser.
  4. Go to the HP Support page and select “Software & Drivers”>HP Printers > Printers.
  5. Now in the blank field, you need to provide the model number which you can find on your machine itself.
  6. After typing the legit model number, click the Submit button.
  7. The next windows will appear with the list of the available drivers. Now all you need to opt for the right version and then click download.
  8. Now it’s time to select the mode of installation, as you will across the option like “Typical” or “Recommended”.
  9. After selecting the installation type, the product will automatically download on your Windows-based system.

 The installation process could yield negative turnarounds at times. It normally happens when users opt for the incorrect version of the software or conduct installation on an unstable internet connection. Hence, it’s up to you to keep in check these prerequisites before you actually dive into the installation formalities. Be sure to remain in touch with experts of HP Live chat if anything goes wrong with this process. Our team of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and experience which help them to fix even the complex of printer issue like HP Printer Error State in Windows 10.  

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