How to Fix Gmail Spam Filter Not Working Issue?

2022-05-04 07:02:18 -0400

Email spam should be taken severely. You can’t use email without being revealed to spam. Since it’s impossible to stop spam at the source, the best we can hope for is effective filters. And, indeed, Gmail has designed one of the most effective email filters in the world. It is made by machine learning, analysis of billions of emails on an ongoing basis, and customized for your account based on your activities. It’s generally much more effective, if not overzealous sometimes, but it’s not perfect. There are a handful of different reasons why the Gmail spam filter not working with their solutions in this blog.

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Steps to Fix Gmail Spam Not Working

You can look below at the following reasons of Gmail spam filter is not working. We also mention the solutions to fix them.

  1. Check your Marked Spam Emails

Possibly the most common reason for spam within the inbox is accidental clicks. If you're exploring your spam folder and you have accidentally clicked "not spam" on one of the emails therein folder that's spam. The thing is when you're viewing a spam message, the "delete forever" and the "not spam" buttons are near to each other. It's distressingly easy to simply accidentally click the incorrect one, and now you've got a spam message in your inbox. Of course, it's easy to move back to your inbox to mark it as spam and/or delete it, but the loss is already done. Google's spam filter gets confused temporarily and should let in a few more junk messages before you catch on set straight.

  1. Do not Create Broad Incoming Message Filter.

If you're regularly getting emails in your inbox on an ongoing basis that shouldn't be in your inbox, despite fitting all the hallmarks of spam and being marked as spam, you'll have a filter found out that's causing a drag. If you found out a filter for incoming mail to possess that mail is starred as important, but the filter is broad enough to catch some spam, that spam will be marked in your inbox instead of sent to the junk folder. Usually, you'll solve this just by marking the messages as spam.

Moreover, to access the Gmail app faster and modify the filters easily, you can perform the "make Google my homepage" process. Further, follow these above solutions to fix the Gmail spam filter issue.

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